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Why us?

AALC, Inc. has been in business in the DFW area since 2000, installing and maintaining commercial & residential landscapes as our primary focus. We have the ability to service your property with professionalism, courtesy, and quality not to be surpassed by anyone in the industry. As a team, we set proper expectations with management and service, and then exceed them with every situation, for every client. We are detail oriented, with a passion for plants and the landscape industry as a whole. We give each client the service, quality, and dependability they desire and deserve.

Landscape Design

We are defined by our unparalleled design, installation and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties.


We bring a wealth of construction management experience to every project we manage.

Grounds Maintenance

Provide a pleasant outdoor environment by ensuring that the grounds of your project maintained to the highest level.


With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you have the peace of mind knowing your irrigation system will operate proficiently in the years to come.

Services We Provide

AALC provides high-quality landscaping service to ALL of our residential and commercial clients. We provide an array of services; from our custom landscape designs to outdoor living spaces as well as grounds maintenance programs to award winning seasonal color displays. Learn more about what we do for you.

Residential Services

AALC has earned the reputation as a high end landscape company because of our attention to detail and customer service. The ongoing maintenance of each customer’s landscaping is a critical component of our services. AALC is always mindful that landscaping is a large investment that ought to be cared for and protected. Knowledge of current horticultural practices and routine training are built into the make-up of our Landscape Maintenance division. We know the difficulties associated with property maintenance, that’s why we offer a comprehensive landscape management program to our customers. Our customers are able to customize their landscape management services to meet their unique needs and budget requirements.

Whether you’re interested in an extensive landscape design and installation, grounds maintenance, or irrigation services, our experienced and highly-trained staff of landscape designers will help create the beautiful and functional setting you’ve envisioned. If you are currently working with a landscape architect, or if you are a landscape architect with a client in need of a landscape construction contractor, AALC is prepared to help you throughout the contracting process. Our team will guide you through budgeting, formal estimating, project management and grounds maintenance to ensure your design reaches its full potential.

Landscape Design

In the highly competitive world of commercial real estate, first impressions can have a lot to do with whether or not a potential tenant signs on the dotted line. When a prospect arrives at your property for the first time, what will their immediate impression be? If you want your property to be memorable and stand out from the crowd, a well-designed and expertly-installed landscape can get you there. AALC's experienced and award-winning team of commercial landscape designers understand the positive impact a sustainable, professionally-designed landscape can have on visitors, tenants and surrounding community — as well as your property value. From initial consultation and master plan to proposal and installation, our budget-conscious approach to commercial landscape design includes a personalized site plan based on your goals, innovative design concepts and an emphasis on award winning seasonal color displays.

Commercial Services

Founded in 2000, AALC is a full-service commercial landscape firm based in Lewisville, Texas. We understand your property is a major investment that needs constant attention and care. From sustainable design and construction, to maintenance and irrigation, our budget-conscious commercial landscape services excel at keeping commercial landscapes attractive and functioning as they were intended.

Commercial Landscape Construction

Implementing a commercial landscape design plan — from the ground up or as an enhancement — can be quite an undertaking. When it comes to the heavy lifting, shortcuts are the last thing you want your commercial landscaper taking. From start to finish, AALC’s commercial landscape construction methodology is all-inclusive and budget-conscious. Some construction projects for a commercial landscape may include but are not limited to: tree and shrub planting/transplanting, hardscape installation, storm water solutions, and outdoor landscape lighting displays. We are fully licensed and insured for the commercial landscape industry. While working within a specified time frame, our construction crews follow stringent safety standards and maintain meticulous horticultural practices. We only use the highest quality plant material and source additional landscape and hardscape products from the most reputable suppliers.

Commercial Landscape Enhancements

Revitalization — sometimes that’s all a commercial landscape needs to regain its relevance and keep tenants interested. For existing sites, commercial landscape enhancements are an excellent, cost-effective way to make that happen. Once areas of opportunity have been identified in your landscape, enhancements can be made to breathe life back into your property — and increase the property value. In addition to reintroducing beauty and visual interest to the exterior of your site, commercial landscape enhancements have the capability to reduce utility costs, discourage crime, indicate new management and even improve pedestrian safety. Popular enhancements for a commercial landscape may include but are not limited to: mulch for landscaped beds, low-maintenance plant material, outdoor seating areas and sidewalks, bold seasonal color displays at highly visible locations, sod installation, and outdoor lighting fixtures. If you are interested in enhancing your current property, AALC will take the time to fully understand your needs, budget and goals. By working closely with local plant suppliers, engineers and site work contractors, AALC can deliver a sustainable project that brings the best out of your site while carrying your distinct signature.

Irrigation & Water Management Services

Current water restrictions and conservation efforts have made it difficult to understand when to water and how to water. When it comes to your landscape, don’t make it a guessing game. The importance and awareness of water management in will only increase in the coming years. Saving water is easy, but when you have an out-of-date or neglected system in place, it can be quite the contrary. From smart controllers and remote site management to rain sensors and drip irrigation systems, AALC’s irrigation and water management professionals are well versed in our industry’s most advanced irrigation technologies. We can help maintain the beauty of your site sustainably while lowering utility costs and reducing water consumption and water runoff. Do your tenants dodge sprinkler spray while walking on a sidewalk? When water ends up anywhere other than its intended target, it’s wasted. If you think your landscape irrigation system is missing the mark, start with AALC’s irrigation audit. Our audit process will identify inefficiencies in your irrigation as well as provide you with budget-friendly solutions.

Our Portfolio

Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Our Team

Here at AALC, our team consists of 40+ full time employees that bring years’ experience to the table. Their invaluable experience is what has contributed to our consistent growth and success.
AALC is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality services delivered by the most qualified people. We're not just a landscaping company, we are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community, helping to maintain existing relationships, and assisting our clients in making their dreams become a reality.

Current Career Opportunities

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Landscape Construction Foreman

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TCEQ Licensed Irrigator

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